ZX80 Software page
Update: 7-2-2018. 96 new games/applications added

This is the ZX80 software page. I have decided to include a software page for the ZX80 because programs for this computer cannot be easily found, compared to the ZX81 ones. A very important note, the software presented on this page will not run on a 8K basic (at least not tested), so if you have previously applied the ROM upgrade, restore your original 4K EPROM before you attempt to run any of these programs.

Most of the software has been tested on the emulator as well as on a real ZX80 before published here. Another useful tool was the .o or .p to .wav converter. I mostly use the emulator to type in and save programs and then the converter to convert them into wav files, which can be recorded on a tape. This procedure has worked for me flawlessly. An alternative way is to use a real ZX80 to type in programs and then record them to wav files using the PC sound blaster.

The compressed files, apart from the listings, contain the source files, the wav files and descriptions, were they are available. I decided to include the wav files as well, in order to make it easier for you to load the programs from your PC to the ZX80 or the tape recorder, without the need for any additional software. Some programs need more RAM, so they require external RAM packs to load.

Time is always limited to type-in programs, but the software I have available is much more. Therefore to save time, for some programs I have only included their listing. For these programs, you have to type-in them by yourself. If you have more programs available, this is a good page to include them, so please contact me to send me your programs. You can find my contact email at the end of this page.

So, here is the list of programs for the ZX80:

Screenshot Description File

A flicker-free game for the 8K darkstar2

A flicker-free game for the 8K darkstar

A collection of 54 games zx54

A collection of 11 programs and games

A flicker-free game for the 16K mazogs

Link to the game site

A flicker-free game for the 16K fast-furious

A collection of 8 programs and games bugbyte

A collection of 5 games zx5

A collection of 13 games zx13
A flicker-free game for the 1K double breakout
    3D maze
    acey ducey
A flicker-free game for the 1K breakout
    castle doors
    Chart Topper
A flicker-free game defenda
    display the 1k memory
    draw a picture
    Horsing About
    hurkle game
    Klingon Capture
A flicker-free game for the 16K kong

Link to the game site

1k chess

gomoku gomoku
    Mastermind 80
    nicomacus game
A flicker-free game for the 16K pacman

Link to the game site

    prime factors
  Game listing alienattack
  Game listing bricks
  Game listing highstakes
  Game listing keyboardcraziness
  Game listing tranquility
  Game listing wallgatebridge
  Game listing zx80inspace
  Application listing bigcharacterdisplay
  Application listing biorythm
  Application listing graphplotter
  Application listing listingtohex
  Application listing numberaddress
  Application listing upyourpythagoras
    Reaction tester
    Reversi 80
    Shoot That Target
A flicker-free game for the 1K space invaders 1k
A flicker-free game for the 3K space invaders 3k
    Streets of London
A flicker-free game for the 1K super invasion 1k
  Game listing zx80 mastermind
  Game listing animals
  Game listing buzzworld
  Game listing dices
  Game listing hammurabi
  Game listing hexpawn
  Game listing higherlower
  Game listing horserace
  Game listing matces
  Game listing moonlander
  Game listing nibbler
  Game listing numberguessing
  Game listing othelo
  Game listing russianroulete
  Application decimalpeeker
  Application hexpeeker
  Application measles
  Application - how to generate sounds on the ZX80 music
  Application plotting
  Application rnd
  Application sumstester
  Application weekday
A utility to test the sound volume of tape recordings TapeVolumeTester